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Seven Things To Know About Music Distribution

To be successful as a musician, you're going to need to get your music out there so that your audience can find it. Fledgling musicians need to work on music distribution to raise their chances of success. 

The following are seven things to know about music distribution. 

You shouldn't try to do all of your own music distribution.

You should work with a music distribution service if you want to make sure that your music is as widely available as possible. Such a service can handle every aspect of your music distribution so that you can focus on what you do best, which is making music. 

You should link your music distribution efforts to your social media accounts.

Social media is a helpful tool when it comes to music distribution. You should definitely have links on your social media pages to where your music is available online to buy digitally.

Integrating your music distribution with your social media pages makes it easier for your audience to find you on their favorite digital music platforms. It also encourages your audience to buy your music. 

You should put effort into physical distribution as well as digital distribution.

A lot of musicians make the assumption that physical distribution doesn't matter anymore and everything is now digital. However, this isn't entirely accurate. It's true that the popularity of digital platforms is constantly increasing. Yet physical sales still remain a significant portion of the sales of many musicians.

If you want to reach as many listeners as possible, you should at least give them the option of buying your music in a physical format, such as a CD. 

You need to put effort into ensuring that your music will be easy to find on digital platforms.

The digital platforms you use to distribute your music aren't responsible for making your music easy to find. You have to make your music easier to find by putting as many tags as possible on it including its genre, year, album title, record label, and more. 

You have to actively promote your music on digital platforms.

Some musicians assume that digital platforms do all of the promoting for the music on them. However, this is not true. You need to promote your own music on digital platforms if you expect it to sell. 

There are numerous ways you can promote your music on digital platforms. One popular option is through playlisting. With playlisting, you can create a list of music by numerous artists including your own music. Then, you can share this playlist on social media and elsewhere to expose new listeners to your music. 

It's a good idea to distribute lyrics in addition to music.

Your fans will appreciate it if you distribute your lyrics along with your music. Lyrics distribution can potentially help get your music more attention and make it more recognizable. 

Music distribution efforts should never stop.

Musicians shouldn't look at music distribution as a one-time undertaking. They will need to make frequent tweaks to their music distribution efforts to optimize their results.

Make sure you review your music distribution efforts every once in a while and look out for areas where you might be able to improve.

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