tips for using music to soothe a baby

Telling The Tale Of A Top Fundraiser Through A Musical Entertainer

Raising money for charity comes with many challenges. Not everyone can bring decent sums of money into a nonprofit that serves a good cause. A person who does deserves praise. Those in charge of a charity likely run an annual event celebrating raising money over a year — the person who ranks as the top fundraiser deserves, at minimum, a plaque or other award. While handing over a trophy should generate appreciation, there are different ways to honor the top star. And doing so in a way that motivates others could lead to better fundraising next year. Hiring a storytelling musical entertainer for the event might spark results.

The Spoken Word Musical Entertainer

Different musicians embrace their preferred style based on talent and abilities. One person may be a great singer while another prefers to play instrumentals. And then there is the rare entertainer who tells a story to music. Country music boasts many great entertainers who expertly spoke morality tales while playing the guitar. Even the great Johnny Cash dabbled with this approach for a few songs. While an entire night of "storytelling music" won't work at a charity party, asking an entertainer to provide one rendition may work.

Telling the Tale of a Great Fundraiser

Before handing over an award to the well-deserved recipient, the emcee could turn the spotlight onto the entertainer. He or she can then play an instrument while giving highlights of the work the top fundraiser performed during the year. In a way, the emcee hands part of his or her job over to the entertainer. The shift does make the night a little more memorable, as departures from the norm often do.

Who Writes the Songs?

Technically, spoken-word accompaniments aren't songs. They're narratives fit to music. No one has to write a song per se; they only need to submit a script. The yearly work performed by the honoree, essentially, writes the script. The charity already knows why it is honoring the individual. The emcee will speak of those accomplishments before handing the award. Send the accomplishment list to the musician long before the event, and let him or her come up with an entertaining way to weave things.

A Follow-Up Song

The spoken-word piece will probably be short. Two or three minutes might be enough to get things across. Speak with the musician to come up with the perfect follow-up song to go into right after the person receives his or her award. The song should match the story and provide a fitting epilogue.

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tips for using music to soothe a baby

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