tips for using music to soothe a baby

3 Great Reasons To Listen To Famous Irish Folk Songs

Irish music makes people laugh, weep, dance, jump for joy, engage in deep, contemplative reflection, and probably everything in between. You don't need a reason to listen to it, but just in case you're looking for one, following are three of the best.

You're Romantic

Whether you're in love, longing to be in love, or just love anything romantic and soulful, nothing stirs the senses like a good, old-fashioned Irish ballad. Play them alone in your apartment while sitting alone watching a rainstorm out the window, use them as background music when the date of your dreams comes over for dinner, put them on while enjoying a candlelit bubble bath, or listen to them while walking, running, or biking on trails through an area featuring abundant natural beauty. Sitting completely still and doing nothing but listening to a finely performed Irish love ballad provides a wonderful way to relieve stress at the end of a grueling day.

You're Having a Party 

Whether you're hosting a St. Patricks' Day celebration, a family reunion, or simply throwing a party for family and friends, lively Irish music gets the party started and keeps it going. Select music with upbeat tempos to get your party guests moving and interacting with one another. Even amateur dancers who've never cut a rug in their lives can manage an easy 2-step Irish reel, and even the most dedicated Grinches and party poopers won't be able to resist having fun when metered Irish music moves both their bodies and spirits to dance. Your party will go down in personal history as one of the most memorable good times among those in your social circle as well as your family. 

You Like a Good Story

Many famous Irish folk songs tell a good story. The Unicorn Song, for instance, tells a mythical story of how unicorns missed the boat when the other creatures were boarding Noah's Ark, which explains why we never see them anymore. Listening to this song provides the imagination with the means to soar back to a historical time and place with the added enhancement of a little creative magic. You know unicorns didn't exist, but the song lets you see a world where their presence was possible. Other Irish folk songs tell tales of love, loss, war, peace, prosperity, poverty, and all other human experiences. These songs give us more than a glimpse into Irish culture -- they are Irish culture.

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tips for using music to soothe a baby

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