tips for using music to soothe a baby

5 Steps To Cleaning A Piano Without Damaging It

The more that you play the piano, the more likely that the piano will become dirty and covered with bacteria. If you'd like to make your piano sanitary again, be careful not to cause damage accidentally by using the right cleaning methods.

Dust the Keys

How you clean the keys will be based off what they are made of and whether you are concerned about how the keys feel afterward. Some pianists only dust the keys with a feather duster because they do not like the slippery feel that comes from wiping down the keys. To dust the keys, vacuum them with a vacuum attachment that uses a soft-bristled brush.

Assemble Your Cleaning Fluids

You will usually need to clean your piano using filtered water. Mineral water can change the appearance of the finish. Regardless of the cleaning chemical you use, do not spray the chemical directly onto the keys. Instead, stand several feet away from the piano and spray directly onto the cloth.

Certain chemicals can ruin your piano, such as polish. If polish gets into the turning pins, your piano won't hold a tune. When using polish on other parts of the piano, do not let it drip in between the keys.

Wipe Down the Keys

To clean plastic piano keys, dip a soft cloth in vinegar and warm water. Then, wipe down the keys gently to remove all grime.

If the keys are made of ivory, lightly dampen a soft cloth with water and gentle soap. Wipe down the keys gently. Have a second soft cloth to quickly dry the keys with. Do not use a rag or paper towel.

Clean the Rest of the Piano

Wipe off the pedals with a dry cloth. Use a vacuum to remove dust from the rest of the exterior. When dusting the rest of the piano, use long strokes, rather than circles, to avoid swirl marks.

Cut Down On Dust with an Air Purifier

You can reduce how often you need to clean your piano by using an air purifier. This will reduce the amount of dust in the room that can land on it.

You may notice exposed, dusty sections of your piano, but you should not clean them. Cleaning the inside of the piano is not recommended. Instead, you should have a professional tune your piano and clean the inside because doing so without damaging the piano requires special equipment. For more information, visit Las Vegas Pianos.

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tips for using music to soothe a baby

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