tips for using music to soothe a baby

How To Make Music Part Of Your Parent's Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration

Are you hosting a party for your parent's fiftieth anniversary of being married? If so, you may be wanting to make music part of the evening's celebration. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to have something fun, lovely and unique.

Upon Arrival - Whether you are having the party at your home or at a rented banquet hall, it will be very special for your guests to arrive at place that is filled with music in the background.

  • Consider hiring a harpist to play softly as people are greeting each other, signing the guest book and visiting with the honored guests.
  • Another idea is to have a piano and vocalists performing favorites in the background. Will a piano be available? If not, a keyboard will easily fill its spot. Adding violins or other instruments can be the frosting on the cake.
  • If the celebration will be held outside, consider hanging various assorted wind chimes and letting nature provide music for your party.

Planned Entertainment - Besides the traditional toast to your parents, think about including music as part of the venue.

  • Are there guests who love to perform? If so, think of asking them to prepare songs to serenade your parents and the rest of the guests A very special thing to do would be to find out which song your parents consider to be their song and have that song be either the first song or the last song, or both. Whether you have a soloist or a group of singers, consider love songs like Only You, The Glory Of Love, You Belong To Me, On The Street Where You Live and I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face.
  • Another idea is to present photo slides that represent your parent's fifty years of marriage. Background music will make the presentation very special and memorable. Consider paying for a service that mixes music especially for that type of presentation. You can either provide the music yourself or you can request particular songs that the workers will compile for you. If you are using old LP records, the mixing and mastering service, a company like Sonic Farm Studio, will be able to enhance them so that the final sound is really excellent.

Think about giving a CD of the music that was played to each of your guests as they leave the party. It will most likely be a reminder of a wonderful celebration. 

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tips for using music to soothe a baby

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