tips for using music to soothe a baby

For the Love of Music: 5 Tips for Attending a Music Festival

If you love upbeat music, dancing, and large crowds, then an EDM (electronic dance music) festival is something you should do at least once in your lifetime. Although it may seem intimidating at first, it's a very fun experience and you will surely make memories that last a lifetime.

Once you have found the festival you want to attend, keep these five tips in mind to ensure you get the most out of your experience:

1. Go Slow

A music festival may be very busy and fast-paced, but they usually last at least two days—if not more. Do not go full steam ahead, or you may wear yourself out and find that you are miserable for the remaining days of the festival.

Go slow and pace yourself. Dance and have fun, but take breaks. Stay well hydrated, so that you do not feel terrible the next day. Most importantly, make sure you have fun and go at an even pace so that you can enjoy the entire festival, and not just one day.  

2. Designate a Meeting Place

If you are attending the festival with a group of friends, make sure you designate a meeting area. Even if you plan to see every DJ and booth together, you might wind up in different spots at different times. It's perfectly acceptable to part ways, just make you have a spot to meet at the end of the day—or at pre-designated times.

3. Walk around and Explore

An EDM festival is more than just music. It's an entire culture with art, food, clothing, and jewelry. Although you are there for the music, it doesn't mean that you have to watch and listen to all of it. Take your time to explore the entire festival. So walk around, explore, and take everything in.

4. Keep Earplugs Handy

It might seem odd to keep earplugs handy when you are at a music festival, but it is something that might just save your ears. The human ear isn't designed to listen to very loud sounds for a prolonged period of time. Since music festivals last for hours each day, it can be handy to keep earplugs on hand. If you find that the music gets a little too loud, pop them in—at least until you're further away from the stage.

5. Stay Off Your Phone

It can be tempting to snap photos and take videos of the festival, but it detracts from your experience. While it's okay to take a few photos, don't take photos or videos of everything. You are there to enjoy the festival now, not sometime in the future. Plus, you don't want to kill your battery in case of an emergency. So stay off of your phone and enjoy your time.

EDM music festivals are a fun way to spend a weekend. If you have never been to one before, keep these tips in mind to ensure your time at the festival is fun and memorable.

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tips for using music to soothe a baby

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