tips for using music to soothe a baby

Education Courses That Can Help You Work As A Music Tour Road Manager

Working as a music tour road manager provides you with a chance to see the country, hear the music you enjoy, and amass enough memories to last a lifetime. If you want to excel in this role and stay busy, it can be a good idea to pursue some educational courses when you're not on the road — or, possibly take some courses by distance education while you are on the road. Read More 

3 Great Reasons To Listen To Famous Irish Folk Songs

Irish music makes people laugh, weep, dance, jump for joy, engage in deep, contemplative reflection, and probably everything in between. You don't need a reason to listen to it, but just in case you're looking for one, following are three of the best. You're Romantic Whether you're in love, longing to be in love, or just love anything romantic and soulful, nothing stirs the senses like a good, old-fashioned Irish ballad. Read More 

5 Steps To Cleaning A Piano Without Damaging It

The more that you play the piano, the more likely that the piano will become dirty and covered with bacteria. If you'd like to make your piano sanitary again, be careful not to cause damage accidentally by using the right cleaning methods. Dust the Keys How you clean the keys will be based off what they are made of and whether you are concerned about how the keys feel afterward. Some pianists only dust the keys with a feather duster because they do not like the slippery feel that comes from wiping down the keys. Read More 

3 Factors to Consider When Looking for a Guitar Teacher

Learning how to play the guitar is a skill that can provide countless hours of enjoyment for the rest of your life. Before you master the six strings, however, you'll have to find a teacher who can help you with not only the fundamentals of playing, but also teach the intricacies that separate the average players from those who are great. Enrolling with a guitar teacher isn't simply a matter of calling the first number you see advertised; for you to really maximize the experience, there are several factors that can play a positive impact. Read More 

How To Make Music Part Of Your Parent’s Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration

Are you hosting a party for your parent's fiftieth anniversary of being married? If so, you may be wanting to make music part of the evening's celebration. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to have something fun, lovely and unique. Upon Arrival - Whether you are having the party at your home or at a rented banquet hall, it will be very special for your guests to arrive at place that is filled with music in the background. Read More 

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tips for using music to soothe a baby

Do you play music for your baby as he or she is sleeping? Do you struggle to get your little one to sleep at night? How many times through the night does your baby wake? There are several musical selections that can actually help your baby fall asleep more easily and stay asleep for longer periods of time. I have learned firsthand how music can have an impact on the quality of sleep that everyone in the household gets each night. To find out what musical selections I play for my baby at night, visit my website. There, you will find all sorts of tips for using music to soothe a baby.